Ever had that feeling that ‘they’ will find me out, ‘they’ will realise that I can’t do this job, that I am not good enough, that I am bound to fail.  Often this arises as a result of a new situation such as changing jobs, getting a promotion, becoming a parent or starting your own business.   It can prevent us from taking action – not asking questions in case we look stupid, taking one more course to be ‘really ready’ rather than launching our business.  Or we take on everything so as not to appear incompetent whereas others who are more confident say ‘No’ to the extra work.  For some, it means working even harder in order to prove themselves which makes them feel even more of a fraud.

I used to feel like this at work, convinced, despite evidence to the contrary, that I was somehow not as good as everyone else.   And I often felt responsible for anything that went wrong, whether it was under my control or not.

If this sounds like you, there is hope.   Identifying the syndrome is the first step towards overcoming it.  In a coaching session, by asking questions, a coach will help draw out your successes and strengths, reminding you that you are not a fraud and that you can do this.

You are always more confident when working with your values and a coach can also help with this.  Once you know your values, you can make decisions with them in mind leading to a happier life all round.

Your coach may also encourage you to keep an appreciation diary of everything that you are proud of achieving on a daily basis.  By focusing on successes rather than weaknesses, the brain is retrained to think positively.

Overcoming imposter syndrome takes time but it can be done. If you would like to have coaching to overcome imposter syndrome or to achieve any other goals, contact me at sally@sallyryancoaching.com