Coaching and focus

Focus on you


Have you ever felt like you really must get on with that project you were going to do or follow that diet you read about or declutter your home once and for all, but end up on the treadmill of everyday life, waking up at the end of another week to find that you still haven’t even started.  Or do you actually start something like a decluttering project or an online course or going to the gym and it’s going well.  Then you get a cold or one of your children is ill or something else happens and, with that interruption, you forget all about your new project or routine.  Or you might have a dream that you keep returning to in your thoughts but, somehow, you just never quite get around to writing that novel, setting up that business, escaping to the countryside.  Or you may just be aware that what you have is not what you want but you haven’t got round to figuring out what it is you do want.

What all these unfinished projects, dreams and lack of purpose  need is FOCUS.  Focus is so powerful.  When we bring our undivided attention to something, we can make things happen. 

But sometimes we need help in order to do this. 


A good coach can give you time just for you, allowing you to get all those jostling thoughts out of your head and into the cold light of day.   In a safe and confidential space, you can fully explore what you want to achieve, what’s holding you back and what you could do to move forward.  Meeting regularly, you and your coach will work on breaking down that seemingly unobtainable goal into doable action steps.  You will be encouraged to write down your goal (Sir Richard Branson does this!), and move forward using your strengths and creativity.

If you have a goal you want to work on and a dedicated time to focusing on you and your dreams, contact me to arrange a call to discuss what you want from coaching and to find out if we are a good fit.