If you are muddling along in your life, feel like your work life balance is non-existent or you just want to sort yourself out once and for all, then a life coach could help you.


How does a coach do this?

Coaches are trained to use questions that will help to raise your awareness of who you really are, where you are now in your life and what you want to be, do or have in your life.   They will work with you to identify your goals and what actions you need to take in order to move forward.

Raising awareness

Too often, we function on auto-pilot on a daily basis as we get sucked into work, children, chores. Becoming more self-aware will stop you sleepwalking through your life as, through coaching, you start to recognise where you are sabotaging yourself, what you really want to achieve and how you can get there.

Negative beliefs and assumptions

During your sessions, a coach will examine any beliefs that are holding you back.  These beliefs could have been with you for some time and be seen as fact when they are simply one way of seeing a situation.  A coach will challenge these beliefs and work with you to replace them with more helpful and positive ones.


Values are what we live by and tend to be expressed as one word terms such as loyalty, kindness, respect.  When you lose sight of your values or are leading a life not in tune with them, you can feel constantly pulled in two directions.  A coach will work with you to establish what is important to you and how you can make changes to start living in alignment with your values.

Change habits

Coaching is all about a gradual process of change.  As you become more aware of yourself and how you are functioning in your life, you will begin to make positive changes and start new, healthier habits.  Depending on what you want from coaching, this could include, for example, reaching your ideal weight, learning to say ‘No’ to overload and having a great work/life balance.

Achieve your goals

Raising awareness, becoming more positive, living in alignment with your values and cultivating good habits will all lead to achieving your goals.  The catch – you have to be prepared to take the actions that will lead you there!  Your coach will help by cheering you on and gently holding you accountable for moving forward.

If this sounds like something you need, contact me for a free discovery call to see if we could work together.