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Life coaching can help you find your way to the life you want to live


Feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward?

Have a dream but can’t work out how to make it come true?

Just want to ‘sort your life out’ once and for all?

Feel you need a new direction after a major life event?

I have been there and desperately needed a way forward.  Enter Life Coaching.  A great life coach helped me find my way back to me and get my life back in order.

Personal performance (life) coaching can help you find a way through to a new future by helping you reconnect with you, uncovering your strengths and your energy. It can change your life. It did mine.

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I came to Sally for coaching around being more organised and task-focused as I used to find myself procrastinating and not seeing tasks through to the end.  Sally helped me to reintroduce the fun element, which then helped me to keep my focus…..Sally is a great empathic coach.  Easy to talk to and puts you at your ease right from the very first session.  I wouldn’t hesitate in returning to her as a client or recommending her.

Clare C

The whole coaching experience has been extremly valuable and it will be something I will miss a lot. Sally has a unique skill of building trust and great rapport. After each session I felt absolutly listened to, empowered and taken care of. We usually had our coaching sessions on Monday mornings which had a positive impact on starting the ball rolling, setting the goals and tasks that need to be done. I can recommend Sally as a coach to anyone

Monika C

Working with Sally is like having a friendly but really constructive chat where you gain new insights into what you’re doing and a clearer focus on how to achieve your goals.  Each session was well structured and Sally challenged me to clarify my thinking on many issues.  I am really grateful to her for helping me create the mindset I needed to develop my small business.   I can thoroughly recommend!